Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautiful Things: Return to Italy 2006

It's cold and dreary and snowing out. This is spring in Colorado. Two days ago, I was outside in 70 degree weather, getting my gardening on. Yesterday it rained a cold and dismal rain all day that turned to hail on occasion and now has become snow.

I also just spent a long while reading Jennifer's latest post and then the other related posts and feel so very sad for the little girl she was, so long ago. Jennifer writes so beautifully, she will break your heart and then lift it back up again in the same entry. However, feeling this sad and being surrounded by sad weather makes me want to see something beautiful.

I still haven't finished editing my photos from my 10th anniversary trip to Italy from three years ago. I know that's crazy talk, but there it is. I took a lot of photos and after returning from any trip, there's always so much to do. Time just kept slipping past and here we are, coming up on our 13th anniversary and I have photos just sitting there, gathering electronic dust. I figured I'd have a look and see what was good to look at back then.

The light early in the morning was beautiful and golden. We were on our way to the Uffizi Gallery.
Eric on the golden streets of Florence.

The cathedral near our hotel. I'll have to do some research to find out it's name since I can't remember. We walked past it every time we left the Hotel River to walk into the main part of town. We were walking an average of about 7 miles a day. It was awesome!

The dramatic lighting was thanks to a thunderstorm that had just cleared out.

The large piazza in front of the cathedral was often filled with children playing soccer or young lovers walking past eating gelato. Including us. Mmmm! Gelato!

Here is a door detail. Those wacky Renaissance artists! Carvings and artwork everywhere!

The cornice detail above the cathedral doors.
Here was a butcher shop that I just thought was fascinating. I didn't go in, though now I wish I had. I love how there are dozens of proscuitto hanging down against the back wall. Mmmm! Proscuitto!

Rocking horse sculpture outside the Uffizi Gallery. I liked how whimsical it was, next to all of the ancient and serious buildings and statues.
Then we went inside the museum where we saw incredible works of art that I wasn't allowed to photograph. Dang it! I did, however, take picture out the windows, since they had an incredible view.

However, those pictures I'll have to edit tomorrow. It took me all day just to get these few done! Enjoy!

There are more photos coming and here are a couple of link the the previous entries I made about our trip. Also, don't forget the gratuitous gondola shot.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are superb - they are the next best thing to being there.

Drama Queen Jenner said...

Italy through your eyes was gorgeous!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Anon! Thanks Jenner! I'm not even really warmed up yet.

Be afraid!

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