Saturday, April 04, 2009

How short?

We've been having hair battles in the mornings for awhile now. Every time we asked Caitlin to brush her hair, she'd throw a little fit. I kept threatening to take her in and get it cut and followed through on that promise this week.

On the bright side, Caitlin decided she actually wanted her hair cut and was on board with the idea. So off we went, with the twins, to get a little choppity choppity action.

When asked how short I wanted it, I asked Caitlin what she thought, since it is her hair after all. She opted for short.

Yes. That short.

It's fluffier when it's dry and doesn't lay as close to her head as it is here.

Interestingly enough, it makes her hair appear even redder than it did when longer and her freckles were really apparent in the sunshine.

And those eyelashes? To die for!

It's also amazing to me just how much a haircut can change the apparent age of your child. She suddenly looks a lot more mature with her new shorter 'do.

Caitlin thinks she looks all of nine. Me? I'm not so sure. Maybe nine and-a-half!

Also on the list of new things for Caitlin, I signed her up for piano lessons and we went in for the very first lesson this morning. Considering that she woke us up at 7 am whining about how she didn't want to go and continued threatening us with horrible behavior, once we actually arrived at the lesson she calmed right down and enjoyed herself. Suzuki methods, for the win!

That's all I have time for, since the twins are apparently catching on fire at the top of the stairs. Ciao!


screamish said...

oh what a gorgeous those eyelashes too

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I did the same thing when my oldest daughter was 9! It was such a relief not to have the hair battles any longer. And by the time it grew out, she was old enough to take care of it herself.

Valerie said...

Very cute! I like the flair :)

Was it long enough for locks of love this time?

Yay no more battles! And piano lessons, I'm impressed.

alessa said...

ha, once you go short, it's hard to want to grow it back to long and hard to deal with! I know, being one who's had short hair pretty much since 4th grade, 9-10ish.

still wish sometimes I had tried out the mohawk and the buzz cut when I was young enough to explain it away as youthful stupidity.

Drama Queen said...

My girls need haircuts desperately. Daddy's not ready on the 17-month-old, though. The three-year old got a good 6 inches cut off last summer, and I'm ready to hack away. (Nobody will notice my butcher job in all those curls, right?)

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