Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Succulent Morsels

Someone stop me before I shop again!

After my last shopping expedition, I had to find a great pot to put my tiny little purchases in. Since I didn't have one pot, but several that would work, I suddenly found myself "needing" to get a few more succulents to fill up the other pots I rounded up.

It was either that or put them all into one huge pot.

I considered it. Then I thought if I did that then I'd just want even more succulents just to fill the other 3 pots I'd found. It's a slippery slope, this planting obsession. Good thing I haven't gotten into "collecting" pots.


I ended up with another 11. I'm not sure how that keeps happening to me. The plants, they just leap into my cart!

Top: Senecio hawarthii 'Cocoon plant' (thoughts of pod people dance through my head), Left: Kalanchoe thyrsiflora 'Flippin Flapjacks', (Love the name!) Right: Aeonium arboreum atropurpurem 'Zwartzkop' (I've always wanted one of these!)

Top: Plush plant, for Caitlin this time, Left: Anacampseros refuscens 'Little purple dude'. At least, that's what I'm calling it! Right: Adromishus cristatus 'Key Lime Pie'

Middle left: Fenestraria rhodalophylla 'Baby Toes', Top Right: Sedum rubrotinctum 'Christmas Cheer', bottom: Senecio rowleyanus 'String of Pearls'

Left: Crassula nudicalus var. platyphylla, Right: Aloe descoingsii x A. hawarthioides

While the twins were napping and I probably should have been cleaning up my garden beds, I put my succulents into their new homes and topped them off with polished river stones. Oooh! Aaah!
Echeveria 'Lucita', Aeonium 'Zwartzkop', Echeveria 'Blue Rose'.

Detail shot.

Senecio 'Silver Coral', Echeveria 'Black Prince, Sedum 'Christmas Cheer'.

Detail shot.

Aloe, Graptoveria 'Spirit of 76', String of Pearls

Finally, the big strawberry pot. The pot in which I cannot keep strawberries alive because it keeps drying out seemed like the perfect place to put plants that thrive on being dry.
Top: 'Cocoon plant', Echeveria agavoides, 'Flippin Flapjacks', Left: Plush Plant, Bottom: Sedum 'Burrito', Right: Crassula nudicalus.

The other side of the same pot.
Left: 'Key Lime Pie', 'Baby Toes', Echeveria 'Perle von Nurnberg'.

I added a bunch of sand to the potting mix that was already in there in the hope that it will be enough to make it "fast draining" soil. Frankly, it's so dry here in Colorado that I really doubt anything will die from over watering. I also determined that putting the plants into separate pots was a good thing, once I had to lift up the strawberry pot to bring it in for the night. That sandy soil is heavy! Also, this way I might be able to avoid losing all of my plants in one go.

Then the twins woke up. They wanted to help.
Emma offers to water my new plants. Yes, that is potting soil she's been eating.

Logan grabs the saucer off the bottom of a pot and goes exploring in a big pot of soil.

Emma grabs a spade and digs in.

Logan and Emma play in the enormous pot of soil. They have no idea what's in store for them in the future! Weed pulling in 4 more years!

I also potted up Caitlin's plush plant for her in a tiny decorative pot and together we planted some pea seeds in her square foot garden. I had her put in 2 squares of snap peas (since those are her favorites) and 1 square each of snow peas and string peas. I know that she'll like the other kinds, too, so I wanted to make sure she'd have enough to share.

Have I mentioned how cool it is to have a kid that likes vegetables? It surely is! She's really looking forward to growing her very own tomato, pepper, cucumber and watermelon plants (and all of the other ones on her list). I'm looking forward to having someone join me in the garden that might actually like weeding. Or, at the very least, be willing to do some weeding in exchange for fruits and veggies.

In the basement, more of my tomato seedling are up, as are my peppers. Outside, my spinach and lettuce mix are finally germinating and I think I spotted tiny carrot seedling. Either that or they could be portulaca seeds from last year's pot. I guess I'll just wait and see!

Oh and happy Earth Day, by the way. Did you do anything special today?


Drama Queen Jenner said...

I love the 'baby toes'. And the first pic with the river stones. And that strawberry pot is awesome! My grandmother always had an aloe vera plant. (Always with stalks broken off and used, too.)
Do you carry the strawberry pot in and out? I'm all about working smarter, not harder, so I would have commandeered a skateboard or a pull-toy in a pinch.

Madge said...

Love the succulents. I've got some in a strawberry pot right by my front door....

kids are to cute and getting so big.

Hatchet said...

Jenner: I totally hefted that thing in and out. Unfortunately, no skateboards around here (yet). Wait, maybe that's fortunate? However, I couldn't leave it anywhere near the floor because both the twins AND the cats would get into it and that would be the end of my pretty, pretty plants.

Madge: Pictures? I'm droppin' by! And thanks!

Cousin Janet from NY said...

Oh how wonderful. When Matthew was little I would sit him down on the ground in the middle of the garden & give him a pepper or a cucumber or some beans or peas & he would be happy munching. Also Emma looks mighty adorable in that skirt!!!!! Someone who loves her very much must have gotten it for her!!!! Love XXXX

Yvonne Montgomery said...

Love the plants, Hatchet. And I have an empty strawberry planter, so guess who's going to be a copy-cat. Yeah, me!

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