Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A whole box of cute

I thought I was going to spend the day gardening, but it snowed last night. So that was out.

Then I thought I was going to spend the day planting more seeds indoors. But that didn't happen.

Something...something came up.

A kitty named Basta.

A hand raised, bottle fed, 4 week old kitty named Basta.

Emma says: "Kitty!"

Close up of cuteness!

Schlurp! Schlurp! Schlurp!

Oh and he brought his brother and sister.

Two headed catastrophe of cuteness
That's Jag.


I've seen Emma make that same face.

I've already found a home!

Jag is the only girl. There are two boys. The first one, the one that looks like mini-Pixel, is currently named Basta since he talks alot (Basta is Italian for Enough!). His crying saved their lives. Apparently momma kitty (outdoor, feral farm cat) went away one day and didn't come back. Heather heard his crying and rescued them from imminent doom. They were only a few days old when that happened and she's been bottle feeding them ever since.

Every two hours.

Yeah, she's tired.

I can't remember what this kitty's name is currently. He's a beautiful all-over marmalade color with spots on his belly and a swirl on his side. When I held him, he snuggled into my arms and my brain ran out of my ears in a rushing stream of hot goo and all the reasons I don't need another cat ran out with it.

Can you hear the tiniest of honk-shus?

If you zoom in, you can see many of the tiny scratches on Heather's arms that she gets while feeding the kittens. And I thought the twins had sharp fingernails!

You are disturbing my rest for peeksures?

I'm not sayin' I'm gettin' another kitten.

Heather was dropping Tara off for a playdate with Caitlin and just "happened" to have a box o' kitties with her. I'm just sayin' they all came in and we sat on the floor and played with kittens for a few...hours. And snuggled them. And waved them in Eric's general direction.

A lot.

What better way to spend a Monday?

Say it with me, now: "Eeeeeeeee!"


Madge said...

they are so precious

Drama Queen Jenner said...

I might almost cave in to the idea of a cat if they were all that cute. (And stayed that cute.) And if one daughter weren't allergic...

ellen said...

Absolutely adorable! Who wouldn't want one?

pamsvulcan said...

I'm so glad she couldn't drop into my house with them - I'd have a tough time resisting the cuteness.

Hobo Mama said...

Oh, my. This is why I can't volunteer at the animal shelter.

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