Friday, April 24, 2009


It's broken.

I broke it.

Somehow I managed to break my pizza stone right in half, on Wednesday, in the middle of baking the second pizza. It was already hot, so it wasn't a sudden temperature change.

I guess I have to blame it on more frequent use than a stone that thin could handle.

Oh and my peel is broken too, although that happened awhile back. Eric managed to snap off 1/5th of it, which makes it hard to slide a pizza into the oven. Instead I've been making do with the back of a cookie sheet.

Now the question is this: do I replace them both or just keep making do?

Does anyone know of a place (local to me in the Boulder/Denver area) that cuts tile? I still have an old stone that is about 1" too long to fit into my oven and if I can get it trimmed, it will work.

Oh well.

Right now, for instance, I'm cooking an Asiago cheese bread on the back of a cookie sheet. I bet it will still taste good.

At least, I hope so!


Madge said...

I had that happen to me too. Got a nice thick stone a William-Sonoma -- totally worth the money....

kristi said...

A coworker said that happened to hers too, she ordered it from Pampered Chef. That is crazy!

Drama Queen Jenner said...

Here's where I say something stupid like: I would have gotten the stone to cut pizzas on. Would it have occured to me to bake a pizza on one?
I'd be afraid someone else in the house would make some other use out of a stone. Better not to spend the money until I have my dream kitchen.
I'd bet your local Lowe's/Home Depot would know someone who cuts tile.

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