Monday, December 10, 2007

Caitlin Sings

In addition to it being Eric's birthday on Friday, it was also the date for Caitlin's holiday sing at her school. As I've mentioned before, that child looooooves to sing. Loves it. So why is it that when she's in the room singing for the parents that she goes all shy?

Le sigh!

This year she did better than last year - I could hear her voice this time. As soon as she noticed me in the crowd of parents (with large, glaringly obvious camera in tow) she perked right up.
Here they are singing a song, in Spanish, about making hot chocolate - it's called Chocolate. The sticks are stirring the chocolate slow, slow, slow and then fast, fast, fast. That part also involved a little involuntary percussion on the part of the kids that dropped their sticks.
Here they are clearly about to pummel the kid in front of them with their little wooden sticks. Oh wait. No, that's the song about Pinatas! Dale! Dale! Dale! (Imagine that I have accents figured out...)
It was at this point I had to stop taking pictures and sidle over to where Eric was attempting to videotape and hold a squirmy Logan at the same time. Logan insisted that he'd never been fed at all that day, so I had to leave and go nurse. I could hear them singing from the hallway and it sounded great. At the very end of the performance, they did a little dance and invited a single family member per child to go out and dance with them. Eric went out with Emma.

No photos of it, as sweet as it was, because I was holding Logan. Instead, you'll just have to imagine it and say "Awww!"

Caitlin was thrilled that we all came and listened and that she got to dance with Emma and Eric.

A good day was had by all.

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Scylla said...

Such a lovely and talented girl. Please tell Caitlin we miss her.

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