Friday, December 28, 2007

A Very Mellow Christmas

We had a very mellow Christmas here at Chez Hatchet. Just a pair of gifts from Santa came for Caitlin, but she was pleased with what she got. First was a CD clock radio to replace the old one that went kaput one fine day. We tested it out with a CD of rock Xmas songs we received from Eric's ex-stepfather. They were pretty cool!

The other gift from Santa was this:
A castle block set. They are handmade in the US by The Village Blocksmith. I got the idea from Chris at Notes from the Trenches when she was reviewing toys. I must admit to really enjoying playing with them myself. I may have to buy additional pieces.

You know, I think Eric needs a catapult....
Emma bought Caitlin a prince, princess and unicorn set and they went nicely with the blocks. What timing Emma has!
You know what else I discovered?

Caitlin doesn't care for Mommy-zilla coming through and wreaking havoc on her tiny kingdom.


Mommy-zilla really likes wreaking havoc.


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