Monday, December 03, 2007

Waking up on the right side of cute

Emma is in a good mood this morning. She's smiling and cooing and perky. She was so busy smiling and proto-laughing at me that she couldn't nurse. She's been sleeping really well lately: 4-5 hour spans. Unfortunately she hasn't taught Logan this trick, so he's still waking up every 3 hours.


Last night we went to dinner for the 2nd time with the twins. They did a great job: Emma slept through most of dinner, while Logan woke up, nursed and then hung out quietly while we ate. So far we've racked up two lunches and two dinners out, it's incredible!

Going out to eat with them is like playing with fire: you never know if or when everything is going to explode into a horror of screaming and wailing and destruction of personal property. I was worried because you never know when they are going to vomit. Sometimes I can tell and burp them before they erupt, other times I am just as surprised as they are and just as covered. I've been doing better with covering them with a Vomit Deflection Device (aka a receiving blanket) and have gotten pretty good at turning them away just in time to avoid getting covered myself.

But you never know.

I was also concerned about going out to a busy restaurant and being conspicuously on display in the center of the room. Having to nurse in public is not high on my list of desirable Lifetime Achievements. While I have done it and will do it, I don't especially like it. Add in the fantastic frisson of fear one feels, wondering if their offspring will cover themselves, the floor and me in sour, curdled milk and you have a recipe for tension only relieved by making it out of the restaurant clad in the same clothing I had entered in, with my clothes in their original condition.

My concerns were immediately put to rest when I saw our table: we were placed in the back corner of the restaurant in a little alcove. I sat to the left with my back to the main part of the restaurant, secure in the knowledge that I would be less likely to flash the world my workin' breasts when someone woke up. Someone would, it was just a question of who.

In the end, it was fine! Dinner was good: embarrassment and vomit free. Many thanks to Pop Pop and Nana Sue for taking us out.

Later that night back at home, of course, both of them threw up on me one right after the other.


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Missy said...

Hey, at least they waited. That was considerate of them.

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