Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We were walking back from school with Caitlin and the twins in their double stroller when a lady came walking quickly up to us. Turns out that she recognized our stroller because hers looked just like it, except that she had fraternal twin girls.

Then things got funny.

We asked the standard question: how old are they?

"Two months," said she.
"Really?" we replied with interest. "Ours are also 2 months. What day?"
"The 28th."
"Ours were on the 27th!"

Blah blah blah!

We walked on with her since she lived down the hill as well and found out her husband's birthday is 2 days before Eric's. Eeee! Then, just to get that last little bit of weirdness out of the way, we asked when her birthday was. Nope! Not on mine, but it is the day before Eric's mother's.

It was weird and funny and she seemed very nice. Of course, now she knows where we live, so it's possible we'll see her again.

Hopefully not in a stalkerish sort of way, either.*

Heh! Heh. Hee... [Shifty eyes]

* I don't know what I'd be worried about. I pick up strange women all the time. My best all time score was Valerie. However, remind me to tell you the story of when I picked up this blonde in Ireland....

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