Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Hark! It is later and here are photographs!
The tree. Fluffy!
Caitlin reacts to the surprise tree. She approves.
Caitlin, freshly washed, trims the tree.

Right after she got home from school and hugged the tree, I took her out to go shopping for ornaments and a tree topper. By ourselves. We left Eric with the twins and skedaddled. We had a good time and probably bought more than we should have. I let her select the star and the ribbon and I suggested the purple (her favorite color) and gold ornaments to go with it. We also picked up a pair of stocking for the twins and stocking holders. May need to return those holders, they are too rustic for my taste but I was set to the SHOP mode where everything starts to look good. Caitlin was very excited to have some alone time with me and I with her.

When we returned, I helped her place the star on top where it lists drunkenly to one side due to its sheer weight. I think it adds a little je ne sai quoi, don't you?

The finished tree. I did the lights and the ribbon and left the rest to Caitlin and Eric. Note the single wrapped present under the tree? It came in the mail today. Timing! I have some from my sister that are in need of wrapping and now that there is a tree, I shall do so.
Tree detail.

While I'm not yet humming Christmas songs under my breath, I'm no longer thinking about just phoning it in this season. Tomorrow: more decorating.

It is also Eleven Weeks. Here is some cuteness for you. Take two and call me in the morning.
Emma is getting the hang of getting her hands to her mouth. Insert frantic sucking sounds here.
She's a smiley little devil. Cannot...escape...cute...vortex!
Logan considers chewing on Eric's hand.
Troll Doll Baby.
Horrendous flash shadow, no? The cuteness overcomes the flash. You want to nibble his cheeks, don't you? I do!


Dawn said...

Actually, I want to beep their noses! and snuggle!

Soon to be Fully Employed Nama said...

Pretty tree, Hatchet. Prettier kids. You do good work.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Nama! I'm tryin'.

Dawn, beeping is totally allowed. They makes different noises, too.

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