Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ten Weeks

Ten weeks have passed by and day by day Emma and Logan become more of who they are and a wee bit more of who they will be.

The big excitement this week was working on bottle feeding. I think we can claim success, since Eric got both to drink from a bottle before the day was over, if grudgingly. He started with Emma first and she gave him hell until he remembered some of the tricks he had applied to Caitlin so long ago. For example, he had to remember that a baby all worked up and screaming like they're being murdered is really not interested in your damned bottle of whatever the hell that is, where's my mom?!

After much screaming, much soothing and sneaking up on her with a bottle of expressed breast milk right after she'd woken up from naps, Emma finally gave in and finished the bottle. We claimed that as a win and I took her back into my arms to nurse. You've never seen a happier or more grateful Emma. She kept looking up at me with an almost tearful, wistful smile. Is this all for me? No more plastic-thingy and cold milk? Oh thank you! Thank you so much! Slurp, slurp, slurp! She didn't even throw up on me, she was so thankful!
Emma expressing Milk Fear.
Fear that Daddy will take Mommy and the Pillowy Breasts away and force her to drink from that plastic thing again.

After getting Emma done, Logan was a breeze. Eric skipped a lot of the screaming steps and went right to getting it done. Not that there was no screaming involved. There was, it just wasn't as traumatized and didn't last as long since Eric was in the groove. Logan, however, didn't really buy in to the whole thing until we reheated his milk to the proper temperature.
Down the hatch!

Little chubby hands!

Emma smiling and flaunting her edible cheeks.

Logan checks out the toys hanging on the playmat.

They get a little bigger every day. Smile a little more. They're a little more enjoyable each day.

Sleep is still broken up into 3 hour chunks at night, though. Emma sleeps like a champ: she does 4 and 5 hour stretches regularly. The problem is Logan. It wouldn't matter if Emma slept for 8 hours together if Logan doesn't do the same thing. Argh! Another downside to twinnage: you might as well not even have the good sleeper. Although it is more like having serial singletons, since I don't wake her up to feed at the same time Logan wakes up.

Trying to put Logan down on any flat surface during the day, or into a car seat has been tough. He just really likes to nap on my chest and I really want to let him sleep, except that I really have things I need to get done that don't involve having a tiny remora attached to my chest.

Emma has learned to somewhat like being on her tummy, now that she has much better head control. Now that she can actually lift her enormous melon off the floor, she doesn't spend the entire time on the playmat going Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! like she did before. Now she checks things out for awhile before the chorus of Ehn! begins and I have to flip her over. Once I do that, she's willing to hang out for a good 15 minutes looking at the toys and mirror hanging overhead.

Logan spends the time doing more pushups and has his head up at 90 degrees and his chest off the mat. He says he plans on crawling ASAP since he has places to go and trouble to get into.
I'm goin' thataway! Real soon!

Can you reach that stuff?
Me neither. Sure wish I could control my hands.
Really? Me too!

The twins have been noticing one another more often and usually break into big grins for one another. Of course, they tend to do the same thing for the mirror, but it's very cute to see. I'm looking forward to the day they'll play together side by side.

For the time being, I'd settle for sleeping side by side. At the same time. For several hours. At night.

A girl's gotta dream!

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