Thursday, December 06, 2007

A whole new world!

Can you hear Ariel singing? I can!

Something big is afoot at Chez Hatchet!

Did you know that babies that once drank from bottles in their first few weeks of life can forget how to do so over time? Yeah, I didn't really think about it much either until my MIL said she'd watch the kids for Someone's 40th birthday on Friday.

So now we're trying to re-bottle train in time for our dinner out. Alone. Sans child and infants.

Things aren't going as well as we'd thought they would but we're working on it! Or rather, Eric is while I kinda hide from Emma and still nurse Logan. Then once he's got Emma squared away it will be Logan's turn to scream and cry whilst I sit somewhere else in the house and feel tiny daggers pierce my heart at each cry. They just want to breastfeed and I just want to escape for dinner. Le sigh!

My plan is to nurse before we go, then nurse after we return and then determine if we can go to see The Golden Compass afterwards. Dinner and a movie out aren't exactly big and splashy plans for your 40th birthday, but with twins in the picture they seem enormous. The magnitude something as simple as bottle feeding takes on is incredible.
  1. Remove milk from breast with breast pump.
  2. Attach nipple to bottle.
  3. Insert nipple into infant mouth.
  4. Infant removes milk efficiently without unnecessary screaming, crying or thrashing about. Not throwing up would be a bonus.
Wish us luck! And speed. Definitely speed.

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