Friday, October 10, 2008

12.5 Months

What a difference two weeks makes!

While my sleep is still broken by hungry people in the middle of the night (Emma points accusingly at Logan.), it seems to be getting a little better. I know that developmental changes often result in broken sleep and here at Chez Hatchet, we've been working on some developmental doozies.

We've had some seriously crabby behavior recently because someone is teething. Well, actually two "someones", but one of them is cutting his first tooth!

"I getting toofs! I show you dem: gimme you fingah."

Yes, well past the time other babies have a mouth full of ivory, Logan is finally cutting his very first tooth (Bottom middle, left side.). And it has made him CRAAAAA-BY! It's amazing the amount of crabbiness that can come from such a small person. Of course, it's not helped any when the crabbiness is amplified by his younger sister who is also cutting more teeth (Top middle pair.). They are enjoying chewing on hard crunchy things like crackers, or their fingers, depending on the relief any particular item provides.

The next big change? Emma has decided that she now prefers walking to crawling and walks all over the place.

"Daddy, you so crazy!"

She went pretty quickly from six steps together to full on, up and down the hallway, freestyle, mini-zombie walking. She likes to carry stuff around with her, too. Books, bottles of lotion, shoes; doesn't matter what.

"I am sporting a fine hat, dontchu think?"

Logan, not to be left behind for very long at all, has finally figured out the walking process and has been stringing 6 to 8 steps together without falling. He seems to make it a little farther across the room each day without dropping and crawling, but his crawl is still his preferred locomotion style. It shouldn't surprise you that with his crawl being as fast as it is, it makes it very difficult to get good pictures of him now. As soon as I break out the camera, he lunges for me.

Well, the camera, I suppose. I'm not willing to let go of it to really find out!

Snuggle restraint engaged for photo.

Years from now, when we're all sitting around looking at baby books (Which I haven't produced yet, thanks for asking!), I'm certain the question of why there are so many more pictures of Emma than there are of Logan will be asked. This will be my answer:

Blurry blue-eyed boy.

While she is often in constant motion, at least it's not in a threatening toward-the-camera, sort of way.

Uh oh.


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Jennifer H said...

Those toofs are enough to make everyone crabby.

The walking! My babies! Oh, right. Not my babies. Got it. Stepping away from the cute babies...(they're just so darn cute).

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