Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thirteen Months

We've entered the teen months, over here at Chez Hatchet and the Hatchet Twins are up to no good.

Drunk and disorderly.
Drinkin' and about to drive trashcans around the room.

Runnin' and screamin'.
Check it! Toofies!

Flashing attitude.
I nakeez! You godda problem wid dat?

Yup. It's all downhill from here. Those...those...hooligans!

They've gone back to sleeping and only waking once at night. They seem to have stopped teething for a bit and are less grumpy as a result. Logan has one tooth in, Emma has three. Always ahead, that one.

We were trying to figure out what they would be for Halloween and rediscovered the outfit Caitlin wore for her first Halloween: a dragon suit. Given the choice between them, we've chosen Emma to be the dragon because she's a growler. At any given point during the day, if the twins are hanging out together in their room, you can hear Emma Rarrring at Logan and Logan cracking up and squealing. I thought it would be fun to find a tiny knight outfit, but no luck. Instead we picked up a tiny tiger outfit that will probably still fit him next year if he stays on his current growth curve! Hey, reuse! He's not very happy about the hood part of the outfit, but we'll see if we can't distract him at least for one photograph!

Logan has really picked up on his walking and now toddles all around. He still falls a lot and then does his speedy crawl to catch up to Emma, but he's getting a lot of practice every day and is clearly transitioning from a crawler to a walker. Emma is attempting to transition to a runner and uses the trashcans to zip around the room. Logan just discovered for himself what fun that was and now makes laps at full speed around my chair and squeals in delight.

After waking and nursing I have them trained to call for Eric to get him to come and change their diapers. So early in the morning you can hear two tiny voices saying, "Daaaa-deeee!" over and over again. Score for me!

Both are pretty good about waving hello and goodbye, although it can be somewhat delayed. Today, for instance, Emma waved goodbye to Heather after Heather left the house, shut the door and we were up in the twins room. Too slow!

The cats are intimidated by the now walking twins and haven't quite figured out what to do with themselves whenever the twins are up and active. Domino seems to think that they won't dare to grab him (Shows how little he knows!), while Kaboom isn't taking any chances and doesn't get within "petting" range.

Caitlin is still their favorite person (After me, of course.), and can be counted on to make them scream with laughter.

I'm really enjoying this stage, except for the occasional biting and sleeplessness. They are snuggly and sweet, funny and silly, smoochable and squishable. They sparkle with laughter and gleam with happiness. The roaring is hilarious.

I think I'm in love!


Red Flashlight said...

Zomg I can't wait to see them on Halloween.

Trisha said...

Love the pictures. Love the bye-byes! And the little voices calling for Dadee, thank goodness for partnerships!

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