Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ten Times a Night

The twins are trying to kill us. Again.

On Tuesday night and well into Wednesday morning, they woke up ten times*.

Ten. 10!

We were a little wrecked yesterday, as you might guess, and then Eric decided he'd forgotten what it was like to go to lunch with the little beasties. So we went out, and he was reminded. Forcibly.

Imagine being at lunch with the Tasmanian Devil, only there are two of them, and they're really happy and they want to share that happiness with everyone within earshot (and possibly some dogs, too). Oh and they want to eat your food, play with your utensils, throw anything you hand them onto the floor and smile gleefully at the waitstaff.


Who could forget that?!

Ah well. Never you mind. There's always next time. Perhaps it was the sleeplessness that drove that memory out of Eric's head?

From today's Baby Blues strip. One of my favorite comics!

* We suspect teething or a full moon or evil fairies were involved.

4 comments: said...

This is when it's appropriate to leave a REALLY BIG TIP for the waiter! My mother used to say she'd go to every restaurant exactly once--dining with kids is a little like being a fugitive, I guess.
Good luck with sleep this weekend!

Valerie said...

Yowsa, so if they are already walking then are they waking up because they are getting ready to fly?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Daphne, I like to apologize to the servers either in advance, or as we're paying the bill. We like to keep on their good side!

Val: I...I never even thought about THAT. Aiee! Super powers are kicking in! Argh! I'm thinking along the lines of Jack-Jack Attack from The Incredibles. Eek!

sara said...

an apology to the waitstaff at the beginning of a meal is nice... but you have to realize that the person who is cleaning up after your family is very likely not that waiter / waitress!

besides, monatary tips are split in a pre-determined way between the waitstaff and the bus-people (who acually clean up the table). anyone who has worked in the food service industry can tell you that; when it comes to serving and cleaning up after families, money talks.

when steve and i take the kids out to any restaurant that has someone who waits on us, and we make a mess, we clean up what we can ourselves and tip AT LEAST 30%, even if service was just okay.

just my two cents.

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