Friday, October 24, 2008

Twins on the loose!

Once may have been a fluke, but twice means actual intent.

The twins have figured out how to get out of the corral we made for them in the living room. Mind you it's not a high tech corral, it's a series of appropriately places boxes, gates, a toy oven and big pieces of furniture, but it worked until today.

We were in the dining room, eating. I remember having heard the scraping of something across the floor, but considering that the twins like to push everything around in there it wasn't a noise that concerned me.

Until the twins came toddling into the room, happy as could be.

Fortunately for us, they didn't decide to investigate the stairs going either up or down. Whew!

Well, clearly this means that all of their playtime needs to be in their room or supervised in the living room. On the bright side, it means I won't have to sneak past whenever I want to get something to eat in the kitchen. Ahhh!

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Cousin Janet from NY said...

When Matthew was little he had a set of triplets in his class. The mom took a room, put carpeting up the bottom half of the walls as well as on the floor, & put a screen door on the room, with a hook & eye lock on the outside. They had all their toys in there & they basicly could not get hurt, or out, but they could see out & she could see what they were up to - it was like a giant playpen. Just an idea!

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