Thursday, October 02, 2008

Veep Debate

I'm currently watching the Veep debate.

Oh my GOD! Can Palin stop being cutesy for a minute?! "Gosh darn! Goll dang!" She even winked at us at one point! Ack!

Can Biden stop referring to himself in the third person? Joe Biden did thus and so! Joe Biden voted this-a-way! Joe Biden please choose to say "Me" or "I" on occasion. It won't hurt you.

I'm also having a hard time understanding what the hell they're saying because neither one ever actually answers the questions posed. Although I have to say that Biden at least starts with an initial psuedo-answer and then drifts off into Political-Speech land.

It's gotten so bad that I'm calling it quits.

Did you watch the debate? What did you think? Was it as thrilling and heart-pounding as you expected it to be?


midlife slices said...

Yes I watched and it was exactly as I expected. A performance by both. I just want to go to sleep and wake up after the election and somebody tell me who won and let's get on with the business at hand. In other words, it won't matter who wins, it will be business as usual in politics.

Do I sound cynical? LOL

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Midlife: I know what you mean about just wanting the election season to be over, but I can't actually agree with you that it will be business as usual, no matter who wins.

I get feeling cynical over the election cycle, I really do. I'm tired of it and I haven't been listening to every second of it on the radio or watching TV. However, the fact is that we can't just ignore elections. We just need to get educated, get out there and actually vote.

And if it IS politics as usual after Obama is elected, I'll make a crow pie and eat it. I'll even take pictures.

alessa said...

Hmm, I'm ashamed to say that I fell asleep during it. I think the two glasses of wine after sweating profusely at karate class had something to do with it. But, as neither one answered a question asked, I don't think I missed much. I think I learned more from the SNL sketch. :P

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