Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Respect The Thumb!

I lied.

This was not the Final Harvest.

This is.
Veggies to the left.

Veggies to the right.

On Monday, the temperature was supposed to drop down to 27 degrees. Realizing that I didn't have very much hope of being able to save any plants that had to endure temps that low, I spent the final hours of twilight hauling in my remaining produce.

Then I had to stop and soothe the twins.

Then I hauled in more produce.

Then I had to stop soothe them, change them, nurse them and put them to bed.

Then I had to break out the head lamp and a jacket and haul in still more produce!

Nuthin' sez Gardenin' like a harvestin' with a headlamp.

Yes, there I was, outside in the cold, plucking every green tomato and squash I could find. I filled up 6 nursery flats, one 5 gallon bucket and my gardening basket. I roped Eric into helping me by holding a flashlight and a flat while I feverishly tossed veggies into it. He doesn't just think I'm crazy anymore.

He's certain of it.

Then again, since he loves all of the yummy stuff we've pulled out of the garden all summer long, he doesn't regret the time I spent cutting down all of the remaining basil and plucking off all the remaining good leaves. And washing them. And pulverizing them in the food processor. And freezing them (See Kalyn's Kitchen for details.).

Bowl o' Basil.

Of course, that image above is of the pile of basil in the flat. I haven't dealt with the 5 gallon bucket o' basil yet!

So...! Anyone have any great recipes for fried green tomatoes? I'm in the market!

It's funny to surprise yourself with something like gardening. I expected that I'd have some success with veggies this year, but never did I think I'd be hauling in flats and flats of vegetables just prior to the last frost. Clearly, I underestimated the Power of The Thumb! The Thumb that is stained green from the plucking of a thousand tomatoes! The Thumb of pow-ahhh!

The Thumb of Gardening Overkill.


I can hardly wait for next Spring.

I've got Plans!


ellen said...

I saw a link for a Fried Green Tomatoes recipe. I haven't tried it but it might be good.


Daphne @ Greener Biener said...

Great site and beautiful pics. And what a killer haul--I've got to review your past entries and see how big a garden you're talking about. Must be more like a farm!

Scylla said...

Umm.... if you need somewhere to put some of those maters, I have a hungry belly or four.


Red Flashlight said...

Whatcha gonna do with all that basil?? I love pesto. Hey, when are yous guys gonna need my help on the giant greenhouse of joy, up at the farm?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hey gang!

Ellen: I'll have a look at her recipe, for sure!

Daphne: Hi there! No farm here, just 4 raised beds. Each is about 5'x12' and 1'-2' deep because they're built on a hill.

Misty: You may see some very soon.

Sierra: Pesto it is! Also, we'll need your help this next week. H still needs to pick up some wiggle wire.

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