Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Gonna Drink That?

As the twins get older, their nursing habits have been changing quite a bit.

Logan is now far more interested in getting down onto the floor as quickly as possible and playing, while Emma claims the lion's share of milk. Logan is also easily distractable, while Emma latches on like a remora. Nothing and no one can distract her, not even someone trying to change her diaper while she's nursing.

The kid's got focus.

So now, when they nurse together, Emma has been waiting to pounce on Logan's leftovers. So much so that she's not overly interested in waiting anymore. Instead, she lurks; she looms; she hovers; she leans into his nursing space with a pursed mouth and a look in her eye that clearly says:

"You gonna drink dat?"

Meanwhile Logan sips, looks around, sips a little more, checks my teeth, sips, beeps my nose, drink a little more seriously until something goes by in the hallway outside the nursery door. All the while, Emma leans a little farther into his space or makes unhappy noises at him.

"Why aren't you done yet! I'm still hungry! Move! Movemovemove!"

Finally Logan will slide off my lap and go play with books or blocks and Emma will pounce on me. She leans over, throws her hands up in the air and falls onto me and into place.

Happy at last.


Jennifer H said...

This gave me a laugh I needed today.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I'm glad I could help, Jennifer!

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