Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Caitlin Says...

As we were walking home from school today, Caitlin asked me why the dinosaurs went extinct.

"Well, " says I. "Some scientists think a huge meteor hit the Earth and changed the climate so much that it killed them off. Other scientists think there was a huge earthquake or volcanic eruption that also changed the climate and killed them off. What do you think?"

"I think, " speaketh the babe, "that they all went to Mars."


"They all went to Mars. On a spaceship. A big dinosaur spaceship." Pause. "With beds."

"In case they got tired on the trip there?"

"Yeah. And they had suits on with strings on that let them go outside in space."

"You mean spacesuits? With tethers that attached them to the ship?"


Imagining dinosaurs performing EVAs.

"Do you think longnecks would have really, really big helmets?" Caitlin asks.

"Well, if I was to guess, I'd think they'd have a small helmet that just covered their head, but a really loooong neck section of their suit." She agrees to this technical suggestion's validity. "What about triceratops? Do you think their horns would be exposed to space or would they be inside the helmet?"

"Oh, they'd be in space. The helmet would seal around their horns."

We continued home, the long downhill tread and then ate some fresh banana bread. A good day, overall.

So there you have it. The dinosaurs, seeing that the climate was getting bad (due to meteor, volcano and/or earthquake), headed out to Mars in their giant dinosaur spaceships. They had beds and spacesuits and liked to go on spacewalks. They were crafty, those dinosaurs!

What do you think happened to them?

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