Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On healthcare and second children

Just so you know, we're now the face of the healthcare crisis in the US.

Whee! Aren't we lucky?

As you may know, we've been tossing around the idea of having a second child, since the first one has turned out pretty well. Except for the whining, that is. We thought and thought and thought about it and decided: Yeah, we should do this thing. The question then became: When? We held off while Eric was in law school, because it was stressful enough without the sleeplessness a new infant provides and then we held off while we waited for Eric to get a job.

I was hoping to share the second pregnancy woes with Misty, but she decided to jump the gun, get knocked up sooner than I expected and move to NJ.

Yeah, I know: Ew! (Just the NJ part, Misty! I'm excited for you and li'l Oliver!)

"Oh, but, hasn't Eric put out his own shingle," you ask? Why yes, yes he has. So where's the getting on with the bun in the oven action?

Well...there's the small issue of health insurance. See, neither of us are employed by The Man and so we don't get to share in The Man's healthcare insurance rates. Instead, we have catastrophic insurance coverage only which a) costs us a lot upfront in the medical offices, but the monthly rates are low and b) doesn't cover maternity needs. Eric has been doing research on the issue and has discovered that insurance companies really don't want to have to pay out on maternity insurance. Since it's a special "extra" insurance, they know that when you ask to purchase it, you must be planning on getting pregnant. Which, in turn, means that they are going to have to actually (Gasp!) pay out! So the cost is exhorbitant and doesn't kick in for a year after you have the insurance.

Upon hearing all of this, I started to cry.

I guess that really tells you that I'm not as ambivalent about having a second kid as I thought I was. I guess I really do want another -- crazy as that seems.

Eric then had to talk me down off my "We can't afford to have another kid because of health insurance?!" bender. He assured me that we don't have to wait a year before getting pregnant, but that we'd have to have the insurance for a year. So technically, we could start "trying" in 3 months. You see, I know that while my doctors don't consider me to be of "advanced maternal age", I am not excited about the prospect of finding out exactly when that kicks in. A year from now? Two? Damn!

After all, this is going to be a knowingly expensive pregnancy. I am planning on having a planned c-section this time. I figure, I already have the scar and I'm not willing to go through the trauma of a "normal" delivery again only to have an emergency c-section when my body doesn't cooperate. Again. So, one c-section and at least 2 ultrasounds. I want to know that the next and last baby I'm carrying is healthy. Call me paranoid (I am, thank you.), but I want to know that everything is alright.

Well, there it is. We'd like to have a second child. Caitlin really wants a sibling. Now we just need to get there.

Wish us luck!


KateG said...

Have you checked into Planned Parenthood? They might have some leads on low-cost health care for new-lawyer income levels.

This is indeed the time for Universal Health Care, but that isn't going to happen so long as Social Darwinism remains America's true religion.

(BTW, I love issue-driven posts.)

KateG said...

I do think the pregnancy insurance people do have a point, though. Insurance is based on statistical probabilities and it would be Russian-Roulette stupid of them to sell insurance that is practically guaranteed to cost them far more than they would bring in.

That's not to say health care shouldn't be available to everyone. It should, just not through the vacuum hose of unchecked capitalism.

ace said...

You, my college friend, have a serious gardening problem...you need help... :P

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I...I do need help! You're right!

Please come visit and I'll get ya a shovel!

Welcome to my little patch of verbiage! It goes with all the foliage.

Kate, meet Alessa. Alessa, meet Kate.

Scylla said...

Woman!! There has got to be a solution!! And I think I have it. Go back to college enough credits a semester to have insurance through the school. They have to cover pregnancy and will still be cheaper than maternity insurance. Take horticulture classes and learn more gardening skills!! When I had Marlena, I was covered under the state college plan, which cost maybe $800 a semester and covered 90% of the costs. (So $1600 a year.)

I might be less, and more fun, than maternity insurance!!

I will think up more ideas in case the school one is a flop!

Woman with a Hatchet said...




That is a GREAT idea! Let me run it past the Erician.

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