Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tickling the Ivories

What do you do when you want to have a second kid but you don't have the money for the crazy expensive maternity insurance?

You go back to school, that's what you do!

"What?! No way!" you say in astonishment.

Absolutely, my friend. Here's the story:

Misty, being brilliant, suggested that I go back to school and get University insurance. Being a large organization, they will have group coverage which will, of course, cover maternity insurance. Wow! I thought. This is a brilliant plan! Let's do some research.

I set the Head Hatchet Researcher into gear (some of you know him as Eric). He looked it up and yup, there it was! Turns out you only need to take a minimum of ONE CREDIT HOUR at the local university to qualify for medical insurance. Since I'm past the due date for fall semester, I'll have to wait until the spring to sign up for school. I would expect to be pregnant by then, so will they cover me if I walk in already knocked up? Yup. What if the baby is born in the summer? Then you would also need to sign up to take another class in the fall so that the insurance would cover the summer period.

What interesting classes are there for a Hatchet Woman? Well, nothing related to plants, unfortunately. Italian? Ooh! A 5 credit hour class. $1500. Ugh. Can't afford that. Photography? Manual camera. Chemicals. I'm living in the 21st century and love my digital camera, thank you very much. What about...


Piano I. Two hours a week. A new skill. A skill I have long wanted and that I can teach to the Beebs. Something useful and non-stressful. Music! Music to my ears!

So you've heard it here first, Hatchet Fans. If you want major medical coverage for less than an arm and a leg, go back to school. Become educated and insured all at the same time!



Anonymous said...

Cool. Every the watchful one, though, have you checked out when the baby will need insurance? From the moment of emergence or a month later?
Also, will you still be able to take only one credit and still cover the newly Kessnered? Here's hoping!


Scylla said...

Wow!! I am glad my thought was fruitful!! Piano sounds wonderful, I have a massive mahogany upright piano in my living room and only a vague memory left over from childhood of how to play it. Maybe some day.

One credit is great! That is wonderful news!

Kessner baby soon! (take two that is)

Valerie said...

So you guys with have TWO chilluns of approximagely the same age. That is too funny.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

It will be bizarre. Wanna get in on the baby makin' action? We could start our own weird distant mind meld and bemoan our engorged fates.


Valerie said...

Ummmm.... no.

We gotta get past this two year old thing first. When do the tantrums end?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

When they leave home?

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