Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Petition Drive!

I get a lot of different requests for petition signing in my inbox and I often sign them. If it's related to women's issues or healthcare or the environment, I'm a sure thing. Today's petition has made me angry.

It's commonsense that people should have ready access to their doctor-prescribed medication.

The anti-choice movement doesn't think so. They believe pharmacists should have the right to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions on "personal, moral or religious grounds." As a result, pharmacists around the country are refusing to fill their customer's birth control prescriptions and states such as Washington and Mississippi are supporting them.

Go to and sign the petition.
What is up with pharmacists these days? What gives them the right to place their morals as having a higher imperative than my doctor prescribed medications? They are not my priest. They are not my doctor. They are no one to me other than the person I am looking at to provide a service. If they can't handle providing the service of filling the damned prescriptions, then they should get out of the pharmacy business. It's like deliberately joining the military and refusing to wield a weapon. Does it make sense to do such a thing if you're going to refuse to meet the needs of half the planet's population? Where do they get off? And why don't we hear about them refusing to fill Viagra prescriptions?


So go to and sign the petition that is
...calling on Congress to support the Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act to ensure that every woman in every state can get her prescription for birth control filled, whether or not an individual pharmacist has an objection.

That is, if you believe that you and your doctor know what is best for you instead of the person that's supposed to just fill the prescription and stay the hell outta your business!

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Scylla said...

This pisses me off too. My biggest issue is simply this: when we allow personal morality to get in the way of access to medical care we are creating a dangerous society. What if the next group to arrive on the scene is Pharmcists against AIDS. What if people decide to stop filling AZT precriptions because they feel the people of have acquired the AIDS virus are making immoral choices? I personally believe the Pharmacists doing this and the companies letting them are engaging in the worst kind of harmful discrimination.

Go beyond filling out the petition. Look up the companies that are allowing their pharmicists to do this. Publish those companies on the web. Write them and tell them you will not give them any more of your money. Write to your media, stage a protest. Hand flyers out at the doors of these businesses.

Take back our access to medical care.

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