Thursday, November 02, 2006

Caitlin Says...

"He scared my soul right out of my body!" Caitlin exclaimed upon recovering from her scare on Halloween.

How does she know about souls? How does she know whether you can scare one right out of your body or not?

Where's she learning this stuff, anyway?

Man! Next thing you know she'll be talking about the Purple Dinosaur.

You know what I'm talking about...Teh Barney. (Oooh look! Blogger Speak! I'm so cutting edge!)

We swore, even before she was born, that Barney would never cross the threshold into our home. Assorted other parents laughed at our assertion. Laughed, I say! Nodding sagely in their cups and assuring us that no one escapes Barney! I told them primly that perhaps they were mistaken. I was the one doing the purchasing and as such, would have no problem never purchasing Purple Dinosaur of Brain Decay items. They muttered about other people gifting it to you. I callously tossed out a comment about my ability to "lose" offensive toys. They laughed maniacally and said ominously, "Just you wait. You'll see!".

Well, here we are at year 5.85 and no Barney in sight.

Hah! I say scathingly to you nay-sayers. Tell me that I can't deny the evil that is Barney entrance to my home? Again, Hah!

I'm holding my own against the Bratz dolls. They attempt weekly incursions, brought in by their host children. I evict the evil parasites as soon as I can find them. Fortunately Caitlin hasn't made any sort of attachments to the mini Dolls of Questionable Virtue. Or should I say, Dolls of Negotiable Virtue?

Just don't ask me about Barbie....

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Scylla said...

I also have banished all thought of the purple atrocity from my house. Marlena has no clue who he is, and she has not missed him!! It can be done!!

She also has avoided the Bratz, a.k.a. mini-hookers.

However, I am starting to rethink Barbie. Apparently, all her movies have her saving the day, saving the guy, being a hero. After discovering this I have been asking myself.... have I dropped one of the few female heroes simply because at one time she hated math and stood for female oppression?

I have to borrow a few movies from my boss and preview them, I will let you know if rethinking my stance on Barbie results in my actually approving her.

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