Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Valerie's Birthday Bash

Kansas: Day Three

In the morning we went off with Val's family to have brunch at a country club somewhere deep in the country. We had a good time and Caitlin made a new friend - TigerLilly! They were crazy about one another and there was much playing and rejoicing. I'm afraid that considering we spent the whole day with her that I only have this one picture. Of course, it was easier to photograph them when they were finally holding that had a little something to do with it.
Cute though, huh? Caitlin wants to be her penpal. We'll see how that goes!

I took some pictures of the artwork that caused a great deal of grief the night before.

Why? Because my child is 5 and is an art snob. She had been drawing on the patio out back with the boys and they, being two, scribbled on her picture of a Power Puff Girl (Bubbles, it's always Bubbles.). She became enraged at their defacing of her picture and then there was much lamentation about how they couldn't draw and how it was unfair that they scribbled on her pictures, etc. etc. A timeout was called. Much screaming followed. I attempted to hold on to Robo-Mom. Ack. Eventually we got back on an even keel.

After brunch with the family was over, there was a great deal of running around with Val to shop for all the parts I would need in order to bake her a Red Velvet Cake for her 35th birthday. What's a birthday without cake? Geez! Having come all that way, I couldn't possibly not bake her a cake! And so there was much shopping for all the bits one needs for cake making from scratch. What? You think I'd go all that way for a box mix? Nuh-uh!
Val makes a wish:
"Let them sleep through the night. Please! Please! Please! Let them sleep through the night!"

It was a really really red cake. I used paste food coloring so that I didn't have to use sickening amounts of liquid coloring. The recipe needed more tweaking, I think. Next time, way more chocolate! And Dutch processed cocoa instead of regular!
Did the birthday girl like it?
You bet she did!

After everything was all over, we got back to playing. Caitlin even volunteered to read to the boys. They loved it!

Replete with chili and cake, we all passed out with another day of playing under our belts.

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