Friday, November 10, 2006

On becoming "Domesticated"

I think the time has come to finally give in and admit it. I...I have become...Domesticated.

What happened to me?! The final straw was this past Thursday. I worked the Bake Sale at Caitlin's school.

A Bake Sale, people! A freakin' Bake Sale!

Not only did I bake Banana and Chocolate Chip muffins

and Pumpkin Scones,

but I actually worked at the sale, helping to organize tables filled with homebaked and store bought snacks, individually wrapping cookies, cupcakes, muffins and more. I...chatted...with other moms. Listened to the cacophony that is a handful of children learning to play the recorder (Do you mind if they practice in here with you? Thanks!) and inhaling the scents of sugar, chocolate and more sugar. I didn't have a bite of anything, but all of the scents made me think I had!

My hands were sticky with chocolate icing and I was...content.

Ack! I hate to admit it! Where has the Wild Hatchet gone? How can I be content stranded in an elementary school surrounded by baked goods?

It was a fundraiser for hungry children in the US. All monies raised get sent off to Share Our Strength where they portion it out to those in need. Think about that for a moment: hungry children within the United States. We're not talking about developing nations, we're talking about people in Colorado, Texas and lots of other states where these kids will be lucky to get one square meal a day. So if the school can help by sending in $900 raised in a bake sale, that's something to feel pretty good about!

But wait! There was a moment where I started talking to one of the other moms about something radical: talking the school into composting and having the kids raise their own vegetable gardens. Can you imagine it? So now I'm on the ground floor of a suburban conspiracy - trying to get the elementary school to start composting and raising (possibly organic) vegetables to teach the kids about where food comes from and possibly teach them to like new things.

I'm still a radical alright. I just need to infiltrate the mainstream world with my wild ideas. I even offered my composting photos for a presentation. Bwahahahaaaa!

The Hatchet: taking over the world, one garden at a time!


Underemployed Nama said...

Where else are the kidlets going to get those composting hints than from domesticated radicals? And the muffins & scones look yummmmmmy! You go, girl. Cookin' & helpin' don't turn off the smarts.

Scylla said...

Of course not!! Just cause you have acheived domestic goddesshood does not mean you are a tamed and captive creature.

The wild hatchet can live on the wild side, AND still enjoy baking for a good cause!!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thank you both for your support!

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