Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Looks like Ohio 2004 in Colorado

Here we are, experimenting on our own democracy with electronic voting machines. Ahhhh! Doesn't that feel goooooood? All of this new technology sure is worth the wait! Waiting in line for...oh...three hours.

Go check out SquareState.net.

So, do you suppose our sainted elected officials believe that it is time to give up on the machines yet?

Turns out that even with all of the problems earlier this morning, they will not be keeping the Denver polls open for another 2 hours to compensate. The Owens (Republican) appointed judge has refused requests to keep the polls open until 9pm. So if you haven't voted yet, get a camp chair, some warm clothes, perhaps some snacks and some tunes and get in line! What are you doing still reading this blog?! Git!

In Hatchetville, we voted around 9am and made sure it was on paper. No lines for #E and I, we zipped in with our list of voting choices, filled in little boxes and zipped out to go have brunch and plan world domination.

Err...that is...we started thinking up ways that we could write up a bill to get Election Day moved to the first Saturday of the month. If you would like to put in your 2 cents on that topic, let me know in comments. Now that I have my very own lawyer, we're gonna write it up and submit it. We're hoping we can get other lawyerly, religious and out of state friends to help us craft the bill and then help us by submitting it to their Congress Critters. The more folks we can get to co-sponsor the bill, the more it is likely to be taken seriously. And if Congress swings back in our direction, there's always a tiny chance that it could get passed.

Imagine that!

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