Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Long Trip Home

Kansas: Day Four.

Then, suddenly, it was time to return home. I suddenly realized that I hadn't taken a single shot of Ed (or Eric, for that matter), since all of my attention was taken up by Val and the boys.

Goodbye, Ed! Goodbye, Val!
Much discussion about whether or not Eric will get a copy of World of Warcraft (Done.) and will he get one for me as well (Done.) and when will we hook up online to Smite Evil (Once I'm finished with all of this posting and it's no longer Turkey Day!). We spent the weekend with many hugs and deep conversations, silliness and loud children.

We miss you both!

On the long ride home, I'm happy to report that we had no further run ins with the law and that Caitlin was very well behaved the whole way.

There was our stop for lunch somewhere in Kansas when we ran across something a little...different. We stopped at the Sonic Burger joint to get some people fuel. Ordinarily we don't eat fast food anymore (See Fast Food Nation), but when you're in the middle of nowhere and are hungry, you do the best you can. These guys were parked next to us.
They were looking for some alfalfa burgers, but I suspect they were in the wrong joint.

Only one scary town incident on the way home. Someone (meaning me) needed to use the bathroom and there was no rest stop in sight. We got off at the next exit in the middle of nowhere Colorado when we saw a sign for a restroom. We exited at Vona, CO and suddenly I could hear the music from Deliverance in my head. I told Eric as much and we quickly turned around and left town.

Well, as much town as there was....

Further on was an old seemingly abandoned farm. It looked pretty cool, but this was the best I could do at 75 mph (or so).

Home again, home again. Jiggity jig.


Anonymous said...

Did you actually visit an In N Out Burger in Kansas? According to their web site they are only in CA, AZ, and NV. Hearing of one in Kansas gives me hope that there may one day be one in CO.

I took my dad to In N Out last year when I visited him in CA, and he allowed that it was a darn good burger and he would have to try another someday, which is high praise from him given how well his wife cooks.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

You're right. Now that I think on it, I believe it was a Sonic.

They're all the same to me....

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