Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kansas Continued

Day Two.

Notice that I didn't give in to that awful Americanized alliterative form that wants you to start words with the same letter. (Krispy Kreme, I'm looking at you!)

I have a lot to say about my trip to Canada, but since I still owe you the remainder of Kansas, I thought I'd start there. Besides, the trip to Canada was intense and I still need a little decompression time. There was laughter and tears and yet more tears. First, though, Kansas and Twinnage. BTW, this will be a photo-heavy and text light post.

We made it into KS around dinner time on Friday and had a nice supper with Ed, Val and the twins. We stayed up very late chatting about who knows what, but I think gaming, The Gamers movie and silliness was heavily involved. Just a guess because now that it's weeks later, my memory is shot. The next day, it was time to photograph everyone. Starting with Alexander. Caught here with his pants down, quite literally.
Surrounded by Twinnage, things quickly became chaotic. Between them and Caitlin, someone was always doing something and running in another direction.
In order to soothe the savage breasts, we broke out The Power Puff Girls.

Then, all was silence. At least for a little while. In order to allow the menfolk a nap (Such wimps!), the five of us snuck out to the park.

On the way, we suddenly came upon this thing. It's a bird! A plane! Both birds and a plane!
Some sort of bomber. Just what is going on in Kansas, anyway?

Big. Loud.

Then there was this: a little leftover from the Cold War:
A bomb shelter, people. That oval lump on the ground in the middle is a bomb shelter. Once past all of the war-related items, we were at the park, where we all had a great time. Action shots to follow.

Caitlin swinging sequence. I love my camera!

Whee! I said, Whee!
This one was for Val who wanted a shot of the twins, where one is in focus and the other is not. This was the best of the lot. All that swinging was hard to keep up with!

Momma help!The camera loves Caitlin. As do I!

After the swinging, there was a little teeter-totter action. Turns out that the boys are Caitlin's weight. Umm...she's five and they are two. They grow 'em big in KS! OK, it possibly also has a little something to do with Ed and Val being 6" to 12" inches taller than Eric and I....

One of my favorite shots of Alexander.
Then there was the end of day sliding. It was turning to dusk and getting slightly chilly, so we had our last few moments on the slides and then headed back to Val's house.After dinner and assorted getting to bed issues (both for Caitlin and the boys), the four of us big folks hung out and watched an MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) episode on cheating. Something from the 50s on how if you are a student and cheat on tests in school your life will come apart and you'll have a nervous breakdown. Friends and family will desert you and you'll be all alone, covered in sweat, pulling your hair out. Shunned by law-abiding society. Aieee! Completely bizarre!

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