Monday, May 21, 2007

Discovery of the Week

I am made of Catnip.

No, really!

At the end of the day, when I get ready for bed, my Cat Guardian ensures that no harm comes to me in the Water Room. There, one or the other of them wait patiently for me to finish up my nightly ablutions and then head to bed, where they will jump up and curl next to me for their nightly petting and snuggling. The Momma Cat = Catnip observation is due to the fact. that every time I drop my shirt to the floor, Domino (usually) or Kaboom immediately have to sit on it.

Roll in it. Sniff it some more. Roll. Chew a little. Knead it. Generally act as if they are rolling around in a pile of catnip. Thus, I must be made of catnip, or sweat catnip.

Or else they're madly in love with the Momma Cat, but know that that kind of intense rolling, kneading and biting would get them chucked out of the room if applied directly to the Momma Cat skin. It's odd, but quite endearing.

And that's the way I like my cats, friends, family, children and husband: odd but endearing.

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