Thursday, May 24, 2007

Plants, plants, plants!

This is what 84 plants look like.
This is what they look like after they get potted up to 4" pots - 18 to a flat.
And this is what approximately 661 plants look like:

Go on. You know you want some! They're for sale!

However, most of them are not quite ready for sale. Technically their roots must fill the container of soil before I can offer them for sale. Getting close! I started off with 5 flats of plants for sale on 4/21. (Remember that list of plants I told you about last year?) Now I'm down to 2 flats of plants that are salable. Each week that passes brings me closer to bringing in the hordes of plants that I started from seed this spring.

Organically grown. From seed. By hand.

The Hatchet knows her plants, baby. And her thumb is green.

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