Saturday, May 26, 2007

Women in Art and Film

I see Misty's Women in Art:

(which I loved and thought was awesome!) and raise you one Women in Film.

I love all the black and white photography!

I'm fascinated by how few of them ever look the viewer in the eye, straight on. Just not done! in either portraiture or photography, with women, very often at all. Mostly, only men get the straight at you position. It's about power, you see.

But then, you weren't surprised by this, were you?

This link looks good. This one is good too! And this looks really good as well. I was actually looking for a research project I'd seen at one point on the web, but can't find it now. Oh well. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Scylla said...

A lot more eye contact in the film version, which I love by the way!

Maybe women look sideways so they are not considered "looking hither" or some such crap.

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