Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Doctor! Doctor!

Went to my 21 week check up today. Oh the things you learn!

Weight: +36 lbs
Fundal height: 29"
Heart rates: ~150s
Babies: 2 (still)

We're still not within anyone's window of viability, should anything go horribly wrong at this moment. The first stage of beginning external, NICU supported viability is around 24 weeks. The same time period when women pregnant with twins are grounded from flying. You know how Misty got on an airplane at 37 weeks? They'd never let me near the airport at 37 weeks!

Then again, by the time I reach 37 weeks, I imagine I'll either be signed up for my c-section or laying in a bed somewhere wishing I was having a c-section!

By the way, the doc casually mentioned that I appear to be at 35 weeks. Yay me! I look and feel like and 8 month-er, but I've got 3.5 more to go!


No talk about bed rest, but she did tell me to keep an eye out for early labor signs and to take it easy. Oh and to get a Prenatal Cradle - belly band thingy. I'm also searching for comfortable maternity bras. The larger size regular bras I'd picked up? Too small already. Not having any idea of a) just how big I'll get when I'm at full size or b) how big I'll get when my milk comes in, it's all a crap shoot as to what size bra to get right now. Let me just tell you, though, I'm way past letters that I'm used to seeing in my lingerie drawer!

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