Friday, July 13, 2007

Doctor! Doctor!

Hello twenty-seven weeks!

We're now on the every-two-weeks cycle of doctor's visits, just in case my cervix decides to open this time. You know, early. I really rather doubt it, but it is nice to hear their tiny heart beats on a more regular basis.

My blood glucose test came back peachy and turns out that my iron count is excellent as well, even though I haven't been taking my iron pills daily. Must be all that meat I'm eating. I've never eaten so much pig in my life! Bacon is excellent. Eric makes BLTs on an almost daily basis. I'm OK with chicken again, but given any other choice, I'll eat something other than chicken, so it's been Red Meat City for months now. I guess that's worked out to my advantage, though. However, the doc decided she wanted to know how my thyroid was hanging in there, but had forgotten to order the test when they already had vials of my blood, so I had to give them yet more. It's interesting to me that childbirth has given me the opportunity to get over my panic response to needles and my own blood. While I'm still not going to look, I don't feel cold/sweaty/panicky when they're taking my blood anymore. So that's good, I guess.

I still feel like I have Cabin Fever, though. When we go out grocery shopping, I start having contractions, so any extended walking is out for me. Yesterday we went to the library and brought home piles of books. Some are even about gardening since I figure if I can't go out and do it, I may as well read about it! They're giving me so many ideas though, that it's walking that fine line between being entertained and frustrated that I can't do the same things in my yard. I've promised myself that next year I will get that Backyard Wild Life Habitat designation. This year it's too much. I don't need it to be "perfect", but if I'm going to potentially have reporters banging around, I'd like it to be a little more organized.

Oh, but you came here for the statistics, didn't you?

Vital Statistics:
  • Babies: 2
  • Heart rates: 150s and 160s
  • Weight: +47
  • Fundal height: 38 cm (No change)
  • Waist: 46.5 (No change - are they just growing in size or what?)
  • Time left: eleven (11!) weeks

Oh, we are now starting to talk about dates for the planned c-section. I feel kinda funny having to choose their birthday! Now I feel the need to look for days on which really nice things have happened in history. Oh, and they won't be able to be born on the weekend - fewer staff members on weekends. Go figure.

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