Monday, July 02, 2007

From the "What the hell?!" files

If you were saaaaaay 6 years old

and you were trying to put together the game Mousetrap

and you got frustrated and asked your friend's big sister to help you

and she refused

you'd probably feel a little frustrated. Or a lot frustrated.


Chucking a chair at your friend's older sister's head is a bad idea.

It will immediately bring an end to your play date.

Why do you act surprised?

Then, if later on that same day

you decide that you "need" to pinch your other friend's younger sister

this will also bring an immediate end to your play date.

And will lose you the privilege of play dates for the rest of the week.

You're somehow still surprised?

Who's house have you been growing up in that these consequences are a surprise to you?

Where's my damned mojito?


Missy said...

I have come up with a theory in the three months that we have had a six year old in our house and that is that there is some sort of amnesia that happens when a child turns 6 that renders them incapable of remembering things like there have always been consequences for misbehavior. Rules that have been in place forEVER also are prone to be forgotten as a result of this syndrome. I believe the same thing occurred with the first 6 year old we had in our house. A crying thing seems to happen as well. I distinctly remember putting together a list of things that are worth crying about for our oldest child to refer to the 10,000 times a day she chose to cry about things not on that list. Good Luck and hang in there.

Valerie said...

A list sounds like a great idea. Maybe I should do a picture list for the boys....

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Ooh, Missy! Can you send me a copy of that list?!

Honestly, it was as if I'd suddenly discovered my daughter had turned into a thug - it was insane!

Missy said...

These kids do the strangest stuff.
We no longer have the list as she eventually did stop crying over things. BUT I think I can remember the gist of it.
1. You are seriously hurt.
2. Someone you love/care about deeply is very ill/or has died.(This can include pets.)
3. You are very sick.
4. You have read a sad story.
5. You have seen a sad movie/T.V. show
I am sure there were others and I feel as though I am forgetting something very obvious and important, but you get the idea. Different households have different crying tolerance levels. The list came about because we got tired of going over this verbally with her a bazillion times a day so whenever she cried about something that is not worth crying about we would ask her to check her list and if what she was crying about was not on the list, she would need to keep in her room until she was done. It did eventually work I guess, or she just grew out of it. I can say that now three years later we rarely see her crying over silly things.

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