Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things that make you go "Hmmmm"

From Organic Bytes:

As the $20 billion organic marketplace continues to expand, major corporations continue to take over many of the most familiar organic brands. Dr. Phil Howard, an Assistant Professor at Michigan State, has provided a new update on his popular chart "Who Owns Organic." Are you supporting corporations like Kraft, M&M, or Pepsi with what you thought was a purchase of your old familiar brand?
Looks like the Big Boys have been buying their way in to the organic food movement. The only problem is when companies like Dean start watering down and twisting what it means to be organic. So while I do not begrudge major corporations from buying up popular and profitable organic companies, I'll still buy the product, as soon as I hear that they are no longer actually keeping to organic standards I'm outta there!

To whit: I no longer purchase Horizon or Aurora organic products (Which includes Costco's Kirkland and Wild Oats dairy products. Damn!). White Wave tofu, Silk soymilk are sourced from Brazil and China and well...we've seen how well that's worked in pet food, so they're out for us too.

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