Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nursery Work

Works continues apace on the nursery.

Two weekends ago, Sierra masterfully handled the stamping/stenciling and did a fabulous job. (Mille grazie!) Caitlin sat outside the door and read to her and sang songs to keep her company. Caitlin has been hovering about whenever work occurs which can be troublesome, but we know she just wants to be involved. She got the distinct pleasure of applying the very first star stamp to the wall in purple paint.

This past Saturday, Eric applied the glow in the dark stencils to the ceiling and then on Sunday morning, installed the fan that matches Caitlin's new one, On Monday, while Caitlin was in Day Camp (Another week! Hoorah!), he started installing the new flooring.
Click to enlarge.

Ooh! Ahh!

Did you know that much cursing is involved in installing flooring? I knew that from last time Eric installed Pergo in our kitchen and dining room before we had the big make-over. I thought it would be easier since this time there's no glue. The video they gave you made it sound so easy!

Glue. Tap. Wipe. Done!

They didn't include the hours of cursing, measuring, cutting, cursing, tapping out of position, cursing, tapping back into position and dealing with walls that were neither perfectly straight nor come all the way to the floor. Fun times! Fun times!

It's slightly easier this time, but the cursing is the same. Less of it when Caitlin is home, way lots more of it while she's away.

The best part? He'll have to do the same thing in Caitlin's room! But he'll be a seasoned Floor Warrior by then and her room is smaller.

Do you think I should mention I'd like him to do ours the same way or should we just wait for an income and have professionals do it in matching red bamboo like the rest of the house? Evil grin!

The plan:
  1. Remove carpeting and pad. Done!
  2. Remove staples in floor. Done!
  3. Remove baseboards. Done!
  4. Vacuum floor. Done!
  5. Paint with Kilz to seal in anything...unpleasant. Done!
  6. Paint ceiling in fabulous dark blue (Called Deep Space). Done!
  7. Begin painting walls. Done!
  8. Add stars, moon, sun, spaceship and rocketship using glow in the dark paint. Done!
  9. Apply stencils/stamps. Done!
  10. Once the walls are done, remove fan. Done!
  11. Install new fan. Done!
  12. Install new flooring. In progress!
  13. Purchase, stain and cut new baseboards to size.
  14. Install new baseboards.
  15. Pass out from fumes.
  16. Replace all 1980's almond outlets, switches and covers with white ones.
  17. Install dimmer switch.
  18. Install bookcases, crib, rocking chair and sundry other nursery items.
  19. Photograph everything for posterity because the room will never be this organized and clean, ever again.
  20. Drinks for everyone! Except the Preggosaurus, who will grumble into her lemonade while being uninhibitedly thrilled that the nursery is done and she didn't have to inhale more fumes than necessary.
Why yes, I was a project manager in my previous life! However did you know?!

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