Friday, July 20, 2007

It's official

My belly button has gone from being a serious innie, past flattened and now it's becoming an outtie. This takes no small effort, either. The belly, it is working hard.

Every time I have a contraction while sitting down, the top of my belly flattens out and becomes a perfect table.

My linea negra has gone from being long to working on being wide.

I am constantly opening doors into my belly. Somehow I can't get the kinesthetic sense down about how far out my gut goes. Soon I'll have to lean over to open doors without hitting myself in the belly.

Perfect strangers feel really really bad for me. They feel even worse when they find out I'm not due until September and that it's twins. When you tell them the first part without the second part, they just think I've been over-indulging in the Ben & Jerry's. I only wish I was over-indulging in Ben & Jerry's.

Mmmmm! Ice cream.

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