Thursday, July 26, 2007

Doctor! Doctor!

Twenty-nine weeks.


Visited the doctor today to get yet another ultrasound and check on the growth of the twins. Everything appears to be going swimmingly and not only that, the tech verified that yes, my placenta is located over Logan's body. This explains why I can hardly feel him moving except for when he makes really big moves while I can feel Emma pretty much all of the time. This is good to know and helps keep me calm.

Linda, Eric's mom, got to go with us this time and engage in some fetal voyeurism. She never had a chance to see anyone else's ultrasounds previously and seemed pretty excited about it. The tech was very good about explaining what everything was and what exactly we were looking at. Unfortunately, she didn't get great face shots this time, but that had more to do with how the twins are currently laying than anything the tech could have done better. Turns out that Logan is still head down (within headbutting range of my cervix), while Emma has flipped over and is now breech. I'm surprised she actually had room to flip around like that! Four weeks ago they were both head down. Shouldn't I notice when they make such a huge adjustment? Do they do it in stages or one big oooof! moment?

Anyway, they're both doing well. Yay Team Hatchet!

Vital Statistics:
  • Weight: +49 lbs I've gained enough weight to equal one Caitlin (44#) and a large dictionary.
  • Waist size: 47.5" I'm bigger around than Caitlin is tall (44").
  • Babies: 2. Yin-Yang positions. His head is down, hers is up.
  • Fundal measurement: 39 cm. What happens when I slide past 40 cm? Do I pop?
  • Cervical measurement: 34.8 mm. Still looking good. Apparently they start to fret below 30 mm and panic below 25 mm.
  • Cervical dilation: None. Ow! I could have told her that! They need scopes instead of fingers for that "check". Ow! Did I mention we now have to do that check every two weeks? Ow!
  • Heart rates: 150+ bpm for Logan, 140+ bpm for Emma. No, the heart rates do not tell you what the sex is. Old wives tales - ignore those folks.
  • Weights: Logan - 3 lb 7 oz. Emma - 3 lb 6 oz. Logan caught up! They are one ounce shy of Caitlin's birth weight, between them. Fortunately, my body doesn't appear ready to evict them for being 6 lb 13 oz. According to this, they are 1-2 weeks ahead of the average singleton pregnancy. Yay us!
Next appointment in 2 weeks, next ultrasound in 4 weeks and then the weekly exams begin.

Nine (9) weeks left!

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