Monday, July 30, 2007

Hummers galore!

After weeks and weeks and weeks of no hummingbirds, I now have at least 3 females and/or juveniles hanging out in my yard, sipping nectar from my feeders and flowers, whipping about from tree to tree.

It's awesome!

So far I've only been able to positively identify one male broad-tailed and one male rufous. Now I have several females and/or juveniles, but they move so fast that it's hard to pick out individual characteristics. They may all be broad-tailed from what I've seen, but I'm not certain of it. I haven't seen the males in a few days. It's very cool to think that they'll stick with me from now until late September or early October. Of course, for all I know, I have a new set taking up residence for a few days and then moving on.

I'll take what I can get.

I believe I have both females and juveniles, and I'm even willing to say that at least 2 of the juvies are males. Which type? I'm not certain. I did see green backs, a little rufous on the sides and a spot right in the middle of the gorget, but for all I know, both sets look like that. They are so small! No bigger than the tip of my thumb to the first knuckle. Cute!

Now I get to spend the winter planning for late summer flowers in the backyard that would make the hummers happy. Agastache, anyone?

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