Friday, June 29, 2007

Tea for Three

Today we continued the birthday activities with a special treat: tea time with mom and dad.

Sad to say we started off with a little whining about how she didn't want this or that because it hadn't been her idea to go to tea. We've been getting this recently. "Actually, I didn't want..." is getting old around here. If she didn't think about it first, she's convinced she's going to hate it. Like going to tea. Eating the tiny artichoke purse (Ohmygod! It doesn't get any yummier than that!). Drinking tea. Yet when the food arrived and she actually tasted the food, she liked it and enjoyed the experience.
Caitlin adds a lump of sugar to her Strawberry Lemon Twist tea.
The tray of delectables. They gave us crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her because they neither asked me about allergies and I didn't volunteer the information. It was OK, though, because she liked the cucumber and the chicken salad sandwiches better anyway.
Her tiny personal teapot. Cute!

Replete, we returned home for hanging around and book reading. It's a darned good thing we cleared her shelves of all the baby books. She's now received several shipments of books from Marlena, Dawn, and her 5th grade buddy (Thanks everyone!). And who knows what she'll get at the party itself on Sunday! Whew!

Again, it's good to be the Queen.

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