Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Missing: Hummingbirds

If you'd told me that it would be late June and I still wouldn't see any hummers, I'd have thought you were joking.

I thought that I didn't see them until late last July because I hadn't noticed them earlier. I have all manner of hummer enticing plant outside in riotous bloom and haven't seen a single one.

What's the deal? Does anyone know where they are? I know I live in suburbia, but come on! I have tons of plants going out here and they should be all over the the place. I put out my feeder in April and have refreshed the solution weekly and have yet to see anyone out there. Birds I have by the bucket-load (they're very happy): finches, sparrows, blue jays, robins, mourning doves, starlings, grackles, etc. But no hummingbirds.


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