Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity jig.

We ran off to collect Caitlin from the loving arms of Grammy and made the long drive there and back without any problems. Well, except for swelling feet sorts of problems.

Now we're all home again, Caitlin busy trying to sneak books so she doesn't have to sleep, me editing pictures from our trip (first day's worth are up!), cats are climbing all over us happy to be reunited, birds glad that I've refilled their feeder and plants are...well they're my plants. They like it when I look at them, I think.

All kinds of fun things are in bloom, including my giant lettuce/weed looking plants that were my Danebrog poppies. Maybe I'll snap a picture of them tomorrow.

We even had the electrician come over with 15 minutes notice and install a new line in the garage for my chest freezer and seed fridge. I haven't got a chest freezer or a seed fridge yet, but I'll get to that part next. Got to have somewhere to put a lot of food to get us by the first few crazy months of twin-ness! Feel free to bring us food after the twins come. We won't be cooking, but we'll still need to eat.

I'm noticing my stomach getting all hardened pretty much every time I stand up or do anything vertical. Sitting at the computer is getting harder and harder. I suspect Eric will need to rig something upstairs for me at some point. My gut makes it hard to type around and my skin still feels like it's on fire, right in the center, just below my navel. Le Sigh!

As much fun as it is to travel, it's good to be home. All three of us hung out in the hammock for a little while after dinner and it was nice and mellow. Caitlin is even sweeter when you haven't seen her for a week! Of course, for me, laying about in the hammock gives me the opportunity to check out the yard and mentally list all of the things that still need my attention. It's a long list and I'm running out of the ability to bend over and/or dig holes. Moving plants around in the fall is either going to have to be outsourced to Eric or will have to wait until the spring.

Le Deeper Sigh!

I have all of these great ideas about what I want to go where, but mid-June is not a good time to move established plants around. Ah well, time for bed. Must wake up early and relocate a few plants before the stump grinding people arrive and shred them. Mid-June transplant shock or no, a stump grinder will ruin any plant's day!

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