Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From the "What the hell?!" files

Eric hollers downstairs: "Caitlin!"

Mumbled Caitlin excuses follow. Eric mumble yells (distance muffles the sound - I'm in the proto-nursery with Sierra) and then stomps up the stairs, clearly pissed. Caitlin follows with her toothbrush clutched in her hand.

Covered in paint.

What the hell?!

Turns out, the Caitlin that is less than 24 hours away from being 6 had a very 5 moment and was painting a cardboard box with her toothbrush. No logical reason for this other than: she's almost 6.

Updated to add: Eric has additional information to add to the story. Turns out that 20 minutes earlier Caitlin said: "Daddy, what does 'non-toxic' mean?"
Eric: "It means it's not poisonous. You won't get sick if you accidentally get some in your mouth."
Caitlin: "Is it permanent?"
Eric: "No, it washes off with water."
Caitlin: "Oh. OK."

So clearly, she took the time to find out that it wouldn't harm her before she put it on her toothbrush.

Damn! I've given birth to a smart alec that does random stuff.


BigChunkySoul said...

For pete's the poor girl some paintbrushes! :-)
At least she wasn't painting the cardboard box with something from the toilet, which is what my little charmer did to the wall in the bathroom (though he was younger).

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Um, BigChunkySoul? EEEK!

Is it OK if I both laughed and recoiled in horror at the same time because of your story? Ewww!

BTW, she does have brushes, but couldn't be bothered to go look for them in the recently reorganized room. Danged kids!

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