Thursday, June 07, 2007

The wind in the trees

Last night we had a really powerful wind storm. I've no idea just how fast it was going, but reports were between 55 and 100 mph. In my backyard it was crazy - the trees were whipping all over, branches were breaking and flinging themselves into my yard from the neighbors trees and I was frantically taking my flats of plants off the table and putting them on the deck.

I've never been so grateful for having removed my 3 weedy trees as I was last night. All around town today there are trees ripped out of the ground, split in half (or thirds or quarters...), or shoved over really hard, yet still in the ground. Their death will be slower than those that got ripped out, but unless someone comes and resets them, they're goners. In my yard, instead of what we would have normally faced with the weedy trees, we just have a few smaller branches (4') here and there from the trees next door. Wow! My fuchsia, that I'd hung from the branch of one of my ash trees got whipped around and around, but never fell or ripped the plant out of the pot.

Eric went out and removed the umbrella entirely, just in case it was likely to catch more wind, in it's strapped down state and take the table with it (again). I think I lost a few plants, but not a lot of them - some had the vegetative growth ripped right off. Ah well.

Eric even made a video of it. I'll see if he can post it later.

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