Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Vancouver: Day Five

Our last day in Vancouver.

We breakfasted over at Caffe Artigiano,
Wall of Fame. Famous latte art, that is!
where I finally got a couple of pictures of their latte art.
Eric's cappuccino.
My cappucino.
Wait a minute! I ordered a chai! "Just shake some nutmeg on it, she'll never notice...."

One shot of chai art, too.
That's more like it!

Then we headed off the Canada Place once more for me to take pictures, since I hadn't the first time we were there.
Giant sail thingies reminded me of Denver International Airport. Wonder if the same group did the roof?
Shot as we were leaving.

Can you see Jackie Chan racing around on top of that crane? I totally can! Or maybe the new James Bond. *swoon*
Look! Blue sky! The day we were leaving, of course. Doesn't that just figure?
Sea planes. Da plane! Da plane! I am both airsick and seasick just looking at them.
This time there were two enormous cruise ships (although I only photographed one)
It's so big, it can't fit in my viewfinder!
looming over the viewing deck. Amazing how big those things are, really.

From there, we shuffled back to the hotel,
Obligatory street scene, inserted here.
packed up and left for the airport, very very early. We didn't want to have to rush or get stuck in the same sorts of lines we stood in on the way here, but we needn't have worried - it was nothing like the line up in Denver. So then we had 3 hours to kill at the airport. We ate terrible sandwiches and drank a mocha frappucino from Starbucks and read our books.

Later, while waiting in the boarding area, we met a sweet young man who had just flown over from China, where he was visiting relatives with his 13 month old brother and his mom. They live somewhere here in Colorado and he goes to school close by where we live, which was kind of funny. He chatted us up, that 4.5 year old, and was very sweet. Charmed the socks right off of us.

Much time passed and then we were landing at DIA. Ahhh! Home again!

Since there was nothing to eat in the house, we made tracks to The Med in Boulder. Now that we've eaten well, we're going to have a steady diet of cheap, homemade food for a few months, I think, to make up for all the expensive dining we've just engaged in this past week.

Now it is time for sleep. Tomorrow we drive many hours to go pick up Caitlin from Grammy where I hear she's had a most excellent time. Considering that she barely spoke to us on the phone says to me that she didn't miss us too terribly much!

The kitties are happy to see us, my plants appear to be alive and kicking and my bed is calling my name.

Tomorrow or Friday (or Monday) I will start adding photos to all of my adventures. Then you'll have the visuals!


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Red Flashlight said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to see pictures. See you Sunday? :)

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