Monday, June 04, 2007

The Medicine Ball and Me

I've decided that it isn't a beach ball stuffed up under my shirt.

No, not that.

Instead, I'd say it's a medicine ball. It's heavy, hard and is larger than a beach ball. It's getting bigger, too. And it itches. I have no idea if medicine balls itch, but mine does!

I think it scared Kate, too. : )

The only thought that I have left to sustain me is: "At least it's not triplets!"

I finally gave in today and bought a few pieces of maternity gear. It's hard to know what size to buy. Extra large looks really big and yet I know I'm not going to remain the size I am right now for much longer. Out of the two lots of clothes I was given (one by my neighbor and one by Misty), the majority of their bigness was in the fall. So I have a good selection of maternity gear for September/October (because it's not like I'm going to deflate like a balloon back to a size 8/10 after they are born, is it?), but very little to get me through the summer months.

Shopping for maternity gear feels like I'm throwing money away: you know you only need it for a little while, but nothing else works. And there's always the possibility that I'll need an even larger size in another month.


Baby update: Someone (most likely Emma), went spelunking up under my right ribcage. I was leaning back in the passenger seat when I got this weird pressure up high, under my ribs. Oof! Finding nothing of interest there, she climbed (swam?) back down. Phew!

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