Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Not being able to breathe is scaring me. It also makes me feel like crying. This isn't going to get any better until I give birth. That thought makes me feel like crying, too.

The babies are kicking regularly, so that's a good thing. Except for when they shove so hard under my skin that I feel bruised from the inside out.

We had our best weekend yet at The Market. People keep commenting on how much they love our name and that our plants look very happy. Now if only they'd buy more plants! We're kind of tucked away off the main strip with a handful of other new sellers, so we become an after thought.a On the bright side, after we've chatted people up, they often promise to check back in with us "next time" to see what we have. Repeat customers. That's the ticket!

I had a horrible scare on Thursday. Heather and I had just come back from a trip to a CPA (who spoke to us for free for two hours!) when I looked out the back window and noticed the table with the umbrella was knocked over and the dozens and dozens of plants that had been on it were crashed into the dozens of plants the table was lying edge on top off. The umbrella broke its fall on a chair and the grill (which also had plants on them), so the devastation wasn't total. I hollered out, "Oh crap!" (I'm such a mom! Check out that bad language control!) and ran outside to go to the rescue. Fortunately for me, other than some snapped tops (argh!) and a lot of spilled soil (Weeks more to recover in time for sale! Argh!), it wasn't too awful. Seems we'd had some sort of micro burst freaky wind thing while no one was around. Yes, the umbrella was up and it had caught the wind. Yes, one of the spars is bent. Ack. No pictures. Too distraught to take any.

Still no hummingbirds sighted. Very very sad Hatchet. I've got 3 different honeysuckles in bloom! Keys of Heaven! Sage! Rocky Mountain penstemon! Red penstemon! Columbine! Fuchsia! A feeder! Come on!

Saw my first sphinx moth of the season last night! This helps to alleviate the Lack of Hummingbird Depression. The moth was drinking nectar from my Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera purpurea). Yay! I'll have to try to get my own picture of it, since there appear to be a bunch of different kinds of sphinx moths. Mine was just fast and brown/gray.

I keep getting really awful bloody noses. It's as if I have to bleed from one end or the other! And when I get one, I bleed for a loooooong time. It's not pretty. It's especially not pretty when it wakes you up in the middle of the night....

We're going on vacation soon. Caitlin will soon be out of school for the summer and hanging with Grammy for a week and a half. Eric and I will be all alone...eating our way - slowly - across Vancouver and Victoria. I hear there are botanical gardens and tea houses that I must visit.

My yard is really starting to come together. And yet I still have a huge list of things to do. Or pay someone to do.

Le Siiiiiigh!

Updated: Just minutes after completing this post, I went to the bathroom and spent 20 minutes trying to not bleed all over myself. Joy!

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Underemployed Nama said...

I'm coming next Saturday for the ice plants and heliotrope. Bob & I will find you at the Market. (Give me further info as to what corner of the park you've been tucked into, please.) BTW, I've had honeysuckle vines forever, always hoping to attract hummingbirds, but have only gotten the "hummingbird moths," which are probably what you've seen. They have very long probisci & are large. See you next week!

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