Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Twenty-four weeks

Did someone say, "Belly shot!"

Well, I aim to please!

Here I am at 24 weeks. Click on each image for ever larger belly!
We made it back in one piece from Vancouver, swollen ankles and all.

Here's the close-up.
Here's a comparison of week 20 and week 24. Yes, you can tell a difference!
Things I've noticed:
  1. My linea nigra is climbing upwards towards my sternum, after having completed the trip downwards. I wonder how far upwards it will go?
  2. My normally very deep belly button is completely flattened out and possibly beginning to turn inside out.
  3. I can't tell if my stretch-marks, left over from my pregnancy with Caitlin, are getting worse or not.
  4. I'm at the total weight gain I was at by 40 weeks with Caitlin.
  5. This is considered the first week of viability, should something suddenly go wrong and the twins get evicted.
  6. Getting comfortable to sleep is a thing of the past.
  7. Getting up from a horizontal position is going to take heavy equipment soon.
  8. The twins are really active these days and occasionally they decide to shift over to either the left or the right and check things out. This is very disconcerting when it happens because suddenly one side starts to bulge and gets hard while the other side stays softer. Sometimes Emma tries to swim/climb upwards towards my right breast. Oof!
  9. I'm still terrifying Kate. Heeee!
  10. Fourteen (14! 1-4! 10+4! 3 1/2 months!) more weeks to go. Arrrrrrgh!

Vital statistics:
  • Weight: +40lbs
  • Waist size: 45"
  • Babies: 2 (pummeling away inside - they are very active)
  • Bathroom trips: every half hour, like clockwork (Gotta go right now as I type this!)
  • Breathing: labored
  • Feet: missing, but swollen
  • Hunger: reduced (Finally!)


Valerie said...

Hey you got twins in there or what? Oh right!

I tried to look up my 24 week photo but didn't find it. I'll to see where it might be...

Missy said...


Woman with a Hatchet said...

See? This should be the answer to anyone that ever says, "Oh I always wanted to have twins!"

Whip out your pile of comparative size photographs and then show them what a 24 week singleton pregnancy looks like. Phooey!

Scylla said...

You look so beautiful honey!! Not at all hippo-esque.


Valerie said...

And it will be a month later when we see you! I just thought of that right now....

Yeah, wow!

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