Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Caitlin Says...

In yet another discussion about Sebastian, Caitlin's new love, we discuss how her card was received. Caitlin, you see, had created a card in a heart shape with the message: "Sebastian: I love you. Caitlin".

Eric was terrified that she would be rejected. I figured that there's nothing we can do to prevent her from being rejected, so we should just see how it goes. Mind you, when I assisted in class last week I saw the lay of the land: this little boy was flirting with my girl! I don't think the "love" is unrequited.

Well, we asked and the answer was that she stuck it in his cubby rather than give it to him directly. We may find out today what the response was. However, we went on to ask why she likes him so much and she said this:

"I know I love him because when I look at him hearts float over my head."


The cuteness! It is deadly! (It's also very Sims 2, but so sweet!) And I explained that funnily enough, Eric and I get hearts over our heads when we look at one another, too.

Go on, you can say it: Awwww!

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